Sunday, December 7, 2008

Don't Lose Yourself

Sometimes it's easy to get caught up in a difficult or depressing situation; it seems like you're never going to get back to those times when life seemed so easy and fun. The good news is, it can be done, and it is done regularly by people just like yourself every day!

If you can sleep well, your brain will take out the garbage quite efficiently: "Easier said than done," I know (a common theme here). This is why it is critical to identify causes and use appropriate means to deal with root problems rather than to throw on a quick bandaid fix in many cases. People who possess this particular skill (attitude renewal) are the ones who succeed in life- and you can learn to do it, too! Dump that trash! Take a break from the rat race, if only a short one, and get your old, happy self back.

Looking back, it is easy to think how great everything was before - but at the time, if you stretch and really remember, you had problems then, too. We tend to block out the pain and remember the good times, which really is good. Why stress over the past? In fact why stress over things you can never change anyway? Instead, try taking a new position, from a new angle in which you have more power and less grief?

Just for a while, let's focus on our strong points, our positive attributes and traits that others actually admire. We all have them. You might want to take a while and list them; think about where you fit in, in this great big spinning ball of apparent madness we're all riding around on. Decide to rise to the next level, even if you have to stretch to define it first.

Maybe you're in a place in which it will be a while before you can make your move- if so, at least make a plan and be ready! The mere fact that you are reading this self-help website indicates that you are open to ideas. Here's one: You are unique and capable in something, all it will take is being ready when your opportunity comes a-knocking. Only you can know what 'getting ready' might entail.

Each of us is living in a unique set of circumstances and possibilities. Perhaps you are tangled up in a set of them that doesn't offer much of a future for yourself. Or, there could definitely be some positive adjustments. So right now, decide to redefine your future and move toward it. This may end up being an intricate, difficult plan. But what is your alternative? Difficult does not mean impossible. You will feel a whole lot better when you have completed a few simple steps of your new, positive plan.

Let us help; be it in a motivational way or actual self-administered subliminal audio therapy, or just relaxation aids or better sleep without pills! Sprudio audio products come in a wide range of subjects and flavors- plus our quality and dedication are the highest in town. And Earth is one tough town, Jim.

Helping others is also an admirable road to take, if you know someone who could use a leg up - unselfish plans always serve to advance the helper as well! We believe that this is a basic law of the universe. If you need to feel better about yourself, for whatever reason, help somebody else! It will work every time./articledashboard

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